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Our Identity Resolution technology gives you full & permanent control over your best prospects and quickest path to profit.


Site Visitor Match creates a list of your website visitors that you own and control forever within your own private data-management platform. These are not cookies and therefore are not subject to expiration or the whims of targeting/ad platforms. They are portable, meaning that you can use these lists to build marketing campaigns on all major online ad platforms, no matter where the visitor came from, including visitors from organic traffic, SEO, content marketing, online ad buys, affiliate traffic, cross-marketing, email campaigns or offline promotions.

Inboundo has been wonderful in their knowledge, integrity and service while helping us with our paid campaigns and targeting optimization. Our requests are always met with detailed answers and in-depth, timely reports and updates. They’ve helped us create a more efficient marketing strategy.

Dr. Bao Nguyen

Dentist/Owner, Promenade Dental Care

You’ll Drive Client Acquisition Costs Lower

Site Visitor Match gives you ownership and control over your First Party Data. When you gain this control, you unlock the insight that’s currently hidden in your site’s visitors.

With Site Visitor Match, you will drive down client/customer acquisition costs AND have the capability to develop your own profit centers from your data, just like Google, Facebook and Amazon do now.

Site Visitor lets you…

  • Resolve the identity of your website visitors without an opt-in.
  • Collect and analyze the behavior of your site’s visitors pre- and post-click.
  • Use that insight to turn formerly anonymous website traffic into valuable First Party Data that you can leverage for yourself or sell to other non-competing companies.
  • Own this insight forever in the form of hash and device IDs, which allow for true cross-channel 1:1 marketing that happens on your terms.
  • Permanently eliminate the control powerful traffic suppliers (ex: Google/Facebook) have over your profits, since you now own the data they once controlled.
  • Open up opportunities for new lead generation that have never been available before, such as “Traffic Syphoning” — using content curation to build ​permanent​ targeting audiences that ​you own and control forever​ from content you didn’t create.
  • Gain total attribution & transparency of your ad budget.

Advantages that You’ll Experience in the First 30 Days

Site Visitor Match gives you several immediate advantages, such as…

  • The ability to create InMarket look-alike targeting lists using unlocked First Party Data that lower your CPC by 25% to 75%.
  • Converting your hard-earned SEO rank to a permanent and portable audience that is impervious to search engine index shakeups, and that can be used across all platforms.
  • By extending your marketing to these new platforms that become available, you will open up new markets, new profit centers, and new sources for look-alike audiences at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
  • The power to create laser-focused audiences that you can market to (and remarket to) by piggybacking on existing popular content and authority website traffic.
  • The ability to retarget across platforms without relying on siloed pixels or expiring cookies.
  • The ability to ​retarget without an opt-in via…

Benefits You’ll Experience in the First 30 Days

These advantages then become a measurable way to increase profits. With Site Visitor Match, ​you will have a sustainable competitive advantage because you will…

  • Achieve a lower CPA than your rivals without changing any marketing collateral.
  • Experience massive increases in retargeting capabilities vs. traditional opt-ins, giving you more touch points and more opportunities to profit.
  • Realize exponential increases in audience targeting size as you leverage the world’s most powerful platforms (i.e. Google, Facebook) to construct look-alike audiences from previously inaccessible data.

As a result…

  • New marketing channels become available, bringing in more prospects and more sales.
  • Existing marketing channels produce sales at lower cost, meaning…
  • Increased revenue and higher profits within the first 30 days.

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Our campaign revenue growth rates were unbelievable, [up to] 544% increase. With INBOUNDO, we were able to shift our company’s focus and see these results regardless.

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