Revenue Growth Plan

Traffic is nice. Sales is better.

The Revenue Growth Plan is the method Inboundo uses to increase our ad success rate 20 times over.

It’s how we plan, test, and measure paid traffic campaigns. It’s the way we organize and systemize our traffic strategy.

The Revenue Growth Plan takes the guess work out of creating an ad campaign.

The power is in the process that goes along with the plan.

At Inboundo, we follow this system no matter the product or the traffic platform because it works.

  • How we stopped creating “one-hit wonder” campaigns across ad platforms…
  • It’s how we achieve scale and move prospects through the customer journey
  • It’s how we create high converting campaigns
  • It’s how we systemize your traffic strategy…
  • It’s how we create a congruent market to message match

The Revenue Growth Plan Process

Our team will help create a honed in marketing strategy, so you can stop wasting time and money. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re going to create an Revenue Growth Plan for every offer you roll out.

We focus on the “offer” that’s the entry point for the funnel. If you are unfamiliar with the funnel, ask yourself:

  • Is the customer AWARE there’s a problem? Are they AWARE of you, and the solution you offer to the problem?
  • Are they EVALUATING if they should fix their problem, or just leave it be? Is the customer EVALUATING you and your competitors? Are they EVALUATING what product or service to buy?
  • Has the customer CONVERTED and bought from you? How do you get them to CONVERT again and more frequently?

Knowing where your customer enters the funnel will give us a better understanding of how to target them. Should you target them with a blog post?

A Lead Magnet?

A low-dollar offer?

When you engage us in a campaign, you can expect us to work with you and your team on the following steps:

Step 1: Identifying Your Buying Personas

We’ll start by creating a general buying group that would be interested in your marketing message.

Step 2: Identifying Your Hook

The hook is the marketing message of your offer. It’s the WHY people should want to buy or opt-in to your offer.

Step 3: Write Your Copy

At this stage you’ll see which hook corresponds to which Buying Groups. Here’s where we’ll write a congruent market to message match.

Step 4: Buying Group Research

We make sure to put your campaign in front of the right audience EVERYTIME. That’s why research is key.

Step 5: Create Ad Creatives

We’ll create pictures and graphics that makes up your campaign. The creatives we create will depend on the traffic platform we run your ads on.

Step 6: Compile Results

Once we launch the campaign you’ll start seeing an influx of targeted traffic to your website. Then we start analyzing.

Step 7: Scale For Growth

Once we locate a successful converting ad campaign, we’ll begin scaling it vertical and horizontal to further your campaign’s success.

This is how we increase your ad success rate 20 times over

As an inbound marketing agency, we’ve helped businesses small and large realize their traffic potential.

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