Addiction Treatment Marketing & Lead Generation

Right now there are people actively pursuing drug addiction treatment. Can you name them? We can.

Patient Acquisition & Retention

Being involved in the drug treatment industry means we not only know the key objectives, but also the precise channels to target in order to meet those objectives.

We’ll hit the ground running from DAY ONE!

Inboundo has been wonderful in their knowledge, integrity and service while helping us with our paid campaigns and targeting optimization. Our requests are always met with detailed answers and in-depth, timely reports and updates. They’ve helped us create a more efficient marketing strategy.

Dr. Bao Nguyen

Dentist/Owner, Promenade Dental Care

We specialized in

People Based Marketing

Imagine this. You have a room full of 1000 people who represent your entire market. Out of that room only 30 are actually ready to buy what you sell.

Could you pick them out of the room? How could you tell who was ready to list and who was going to do it in months, years, or maybe never?

This illustrates the problems with marketing today. You have to target the entire room evenly because any one of them could be the buyer.

But what if you could pick out the 30 from that room… and ONLY market to those people?

You’d be able to show more ads to them than your competitors, you’d be top of mind and the first choice when they pull the trigger.

Our proprietary technology allows us to do just that. We can identify by internet behavior who is In-market and market to them on any channel online or offline because we know them by name.

This allows us to produce profitable sales leads that you cannot get elsewhere. Now because of this we have a strict one client per area policy. If you want to discuss deploying this for your business, let’s connect.

We’ll Drive Patient Acquisition Costs Lower

In order to thrive, drug treatment facilities need to bring down the cost to acquire qualified patients. When that happens, it means more patients and greater market share for you. We build scalable marketing systems so you can claim that market share.

We have a proprietary software that tracks online behaviors so we can get in front of the exact people preparing to become a patient right away.

If that is an unfair advantage you’d like for yourself exclusively in your area, let us know and let’s setup a time to chat.

Our Unique Process

Step 1: Situational Assessment

The first place we start in the GamePlan process is taking a look at your current situation.

Step 2: Your Patients

This stage is all about who your target buyers personas are (your most profitable ideal customer).

Step 3: Paid Ad Campaigns

We’ll setup ad campaigns on Facebook & Google Adwords to target InMarket leads that our proprietary has identified as ready to buy.

Step 4: Close Loop

Our predictable analysis engine will analyze every single conversion that was generated by the Ads in the previous week to generate more InMarket leads for your campaign.

Step 5: Campaign Analysis

Our team will use data to fine-tune your ad campaign. We look at click-thru rates, in-funnel lead rate, cost per lead (cpl) rate, and cost per acquisition (cpa) to identify where to improve.

Step 6: Scale & Profit

Once we’ve identified all the winning combinations, our team will scale your campaign and increase your profit.

Our Latest Projects

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Our campaign revenue growth rates were unbelievable, [up to] 544% increase. With INBOUNDO, we were able to shift our company’s focus and see these results regardless.

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