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  • Format Your Post in Your CMS.
  • Do Outreach Once The Post Is Live
  • On completion a Full report will be uploaded to your client dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is blogger outreach an ethical link building method?
Yes. Gaining in content editorial links and mentions of your site on the web is really the holy grail of link building. It ensures quality ‘mentions’ of your website in the form of links from within the flow of an impartial, non promotional, magazine quality blog placement.
What Domain Authority (DA) are the blogs?
You have the freedom to choose the DA (Domain Authority) metrics you require for each placement. As DA is updated monthly by Moz, we can only guarantee DA at the time of placement however you can keep a track of Moz API’s updates here.
Who writes the content?
We have our own exceptionally talented (in house trained and vetted) writing team who will come up with original magazine quality content ideas designed to educate the website owners audience and at the same time incorporate your clients link naturally.
What will the content be about?
We want to ensure the link to your website or your clients is as naturally placed as possible therefore we write content that is designed to educate the blog owners audience and relate to your clients link at the same time. The content will be completely non promotional (i.e not about your client directly) and will be impartial. This will help us secure content placements on good mid-tier quality blogs and will also ensure your link is as naturally crafted as possible.
Can we approve content or sites before you place the posts?

You won’t be able to pre-approve however you can manage the live progress and see placements as we secure them from within your dashboard. As the content is non promotional and written in a ghost blogging style it would be unnecessary to pre approve. Your clients link will be incorporated editorially as if a blogger just naturally mentioned them. Should you need more convincing contact us below and perhaps trial our service on a small quantity first. We’re almost 100% confident you will not find a better quality, delivery time and cost balance.

What countries do you secure placements in?

We predominantly secure placements on UK and US blogs however, as our agency client base increases we have started to secure more placements in Australia too. All blogs will be in the English language only and placements are secured on various TLD’s like .com,, .net, .org.

Where are the links placed?

Unlike others we get you real, editorial in-content links. Thats links and ‘mentions’ that exist naturally within the flow of the content along with a couple of other useful non competing links to further solidify the natural aspect of the content. No author boxes here.

How long will these placements last?

Placements will usually last indefinitely however we also guarantee placements for at least 90 days. The majority will be around for years and years and probably all will remain at least while the blog owner runs their blog. It’s inevitable that over time you would experience some loss which is just the nature of link building as bloggers may choose to not run their site anymore or even change focus. We get fewer than 1% of these issues.

What if you can't find any relevant websites?

If for any reason there’s some kind of problem with your niche we will let you know upon reviewing your order and provide a full refund. We haven’t yet been unable to fulfill an order and this will only be the case in real acute sectors.

Do you take orders for adult, gambling or pharmaceuticals?

Maybe, but with past experience we know these are tough niches to build real relationships. You should contact us using the form below and we’ll talk more about a possible bespoke plan and pricing.

Do you offer a placement guarantee?

Yes. Content is placed with blog owners indefinitely however we’ll even guarantee them for at least 90 days although the reality is they’ll last for as long as the blog owner is running their blog.

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