The Ultimate Guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving web page visibility in search engines. A well-designed SEO campaign increases the search engines’ awareness of your web presence by making your content more relevant to organic searches.

Put simply, SEO is the discipline of creating targeted SEO marketing that increases your rankings, online visibility, and visitor traffic from relevant web content.

       “…There is more to high rankings than building links. The technical aspects of your strategy will have an impact on results.”

– Neil Patel ¹

The Ultimate Guide to SEO will give you the insights of effective SEO generation and the tactical application(s) that work best for your SEO marketing situation.

Read through the entire SEO guide and pay particular attention to the Takeaway Sections. They’ll highlight each step that illustrates the power of optimization to dramatically improve your SEO marketing for your clients, customers, and serve as a blueprint you can refer back to as your business grows.

Ready, set: SEO”!

Takeaway 1

Search Engines like Google do not rank websites, they rank web pages.

Your Website’s Architecture

When a search engine visits your website, it looks at how the site is constructed.

How is your site constructed?

A well-built site is comprised of “pages” about a specific subject that search engines can deliver as the optimal ‘response’ to an organically-driven search.

Each web page should provide valuable information that also features search-driven words, that are naturally written, and value-focused.

For example:

  • ‘Search engine marketing’ is a broad search term that spans a wide range of web pages for search engines to sift through.
  • However, ‘search engine marketing agencies San Francisco’ identifies a more specific search that results in a lower range of available pages search engines will have to sort.

Improve the your web pages’ relevance by adding Breadcrumbs (“page links”) that will help reinforce your website’s Hierarchy (or structure):

  • Your site’s structure should feature pages that have:

●  outbound links;
●  inbound links;

menu(s) (hierarchical links to pages);

  • menu(s) / categories (hierarchical links to pages)
  • page(s) (non-hierarchical links to internal pages)

page(s) hierarchical links to internal pages);

  • page(s) / categories (hierarchical links to internal pages)
  • page(s) (non-hierarchical links to internal pages)

single page(s) as a ‘call to action’ (a specific instruction as an offer, purchase or lead); or

  • no-follow links (i.e. questionable links, such as The Oompa-Loompas or unverifiable links, aka spam).

Takeaway 2

Web Pages Infuse Practical SEO and Search Terms to Create a Personal Style.

SEO revolutionary Moz illustrates SEO as a discipline that blends “the technical and creative elements” of marketing to ‘improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines’.

How well is your web page(s) optimized?

Improve web pages to make them more appealing to search engines by using Page Optimization.

There are primary words (or phrases), called Keywords, that you can selectively use, and that can make search engines take notice.

  • Optimize your web pages by finding longer word combinations that are 3 words or greater, called long-tail keywords.

An SEO campaign takes longer phrases into consideration to help improve web pages so they are more appealing to search criteria.

  • Long-tail SEO for B2B offers better page optimization:

because it avoids trying to rank pages for shorter keywords that traditionally have higher competition, and

longer phrases convert higher as targeted searches (e.g. those word combinations of 3 or more).

Use keywords that creatively identify your web page content in:

  • Meta description: use up to 50 characters to make any keywords identifiable by the search engines). Write phrases so they read naturally following Google’s canon on the subject of meta ranking and “search on mobile devices”;
  • URLs: called uniform research locators, that help humans to more easily associate your web pages with your web site(s);
  • Page Title: keyword(s) that can readily identify your web page(s) to search engines and visitors.
  • Page Headings: word combinations as keywords can help search engines find your content that is featured on your page(s).
  • Body Text: an optimal space to fuse targeted long-tails that can signal SEO services, products, and offers with keywords that are germane to your page optimization.
  • Image File Names: include long-tails in your image name descriptions and also alternate image text. Image Alt Attributes that read naturally.

Takeaway 3

Harness the Power of Link Building

The number of web pages a search engine identifies often results in relevant content that is organic and avoid questionable link advertising (i.e. link trading, spam).

How does your Link Building SEO grow?

Fortify your web pages super strength by building links with irrefutable sources that pertain to a specific SEO strategy:

  • Competitor Analysis: Use search engines to find companies who drive organically searched content. Follow their monthly visitors on sites like Alexa. Cross-search any ranking keywords from their web pages, web traffic, and social media.
  • Directory Submissions: Get found by submitting your website and its pages, SEO optimized.
  • Link Optimization: Link between menus, pages, and static pages (“internal linking”) that feature long-tail keywords search engines can source.
  • PR: Press release content that establish PR signals directing searches to your web pages and website(s).
  • Niche Relationships (B2B Clients, B2B Associations, Bloggers, Guest Posting): Forge mutual partnerships and impeccable content creation sharing via influencer sites, blogs, and social media channels.

Takeaway 4

Get Tactical with Your SEO.

SEO marketing will help your sift through the hype of marketing noise and give you concrete steps to help you grow traffic, leads, and targeted customers.

How do your SEO Tactics flow?

Avoid Black Hat (link switching or baiting) SEO instead of proper White Hat marketing tactics. Try not to include:

  • Automated Generation of Content,
  • Keyword Stuffing (Content doesn’t have flow),
  • Internet Provider Cloaking,
  • Paid Directory Linking, or
  • Web Hosting from Untrusted Sources.

                       “…Promotional ’off-page’ [SEO] approaches, raise your site’s visibility (link-building, social media marketing).”

– Christopher Ratcliff, Search Engine Watch ²

Do use White Hat SEO as part of your trusted SEO Services and SEO tactics and include:

  • Directory Submissions,
  • Do-Follow blog comments,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Competitor Research,
  • Viral Web Content (Infographics, Interactive Mobile Pages, Video), and
  • Web page XML Sitemap generation for search engines.

Takeaway 5

Go Viral

You’ve laid the groundwork with your keywords and web pages to get visible to the search engines.

How does Your Social Media Stack up?

To build your Viral empire, a content strategy is key.

Here’s how to grow your web pages’ web content to drive traffic, leads, and sales:

  • Build a connection with brands and partners that create content that is similar to yours.
  • Instead of reinventing the wheel, apply some leverage:
    • Blog about content that gets readers talking and sharing (infographics,, Periscope, and your branded YouTube video content).
    • Introduce yourself in the way of blog comments that track back to your site.
    • Suggest blog posts that can build your peers’ audiences and expand your social reach.

SEO Measurement

Creating a marketing budget and design web content with Facebook ads and shareable links to your web pages on Twitter and on StumbleUpon to generate unique visitors and pages hits.

Track any conversions with social media tools such as Buffer or HootSuite and measure SEO Clicks and/or PPC Click results that generate favorable response.

Prepare to scale up in the areas that increase leads, traffic, and engagement and continue to test new keywords and web pages with search-worthy content that improves your SEO marketing, and increases your brand visibility organically.

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