7 SEO Strategies to Grow Sales for Your SAAS


So you have a SaaS company.

Naturally, you want it to grow, become well-known, recognizable, and grow profit.

While it’s not an easy goal to achieve to begin with, there are also hundreds of other SaaS companies that have the same objective.

How do you stay ahead of the competition and grow your SaaS sales?

The answer is simple—SEO strategies.

Today, you’ll learn about 7 strategies that will help you to increase sales and make your SaaS successful.

Let’s get started!

1. Optimize for mobile

SEO optimization isn’t only about the content.

With mobile traffic exceeding desktop, it’s easy to understand that mobile search is a force to be reckoned with.

Google knows it too, giving priorities to mobile-friendly websites.

Even readers are more likely to leave if your site isn’t optimized for mobile.

There are plenty of options: a responsive design, mobile app, or even a mobile version of your site.

2. Make the most of your features

Surely your clients want to know about the benefits of your product.

But describing the features is important too. Especially if done right.

Research keywords that are the most suitable for your product’s features. Then you can create a separate page for each of those features, or at least a detailed description.

Do this, and you’ll have more content to share, which will improve you ranking (and eventually bring you higher sales).

3. Use less keywords

There has to be at least one SEO strategy mentioning keywords.

While you want your product to be noticed, stuffing your content with a bunch of various keywords is actually counterproductive.

Instead, analyze what the consumers in your niche search for. This will help you understand what terms are better to use to increase sales. Focus your content on those words and phrases, and you’ll give the audience what they want.

4. Create appealing headlines

The headline not only has to grab people’s attention, but also please the search engine.

Obviously, you need relevant keywords in your headline. You also need to include a benefit, or something that will make the reader want to click on your headline (words like “learn”, “see”, “easy”, “now”, “today”, “how to”, etc.).

Also, don’t forget about the optimal headline length of 50–60 characters.

5. Write informative descriptions

These go together with headlines.

And while a headline acts as an initial hook, a well-written description makes the reader even more willing to open your page.

Almost the same rules apply. Include relevant keywords, a call to action, and a couple of benefits.

The optimal length for a description is about 160 characters.

6. Allow people to share

The more that people know about your product, the better chances you have to increase sales.

And how will you grow your SaaS sales if you don’t include social sharing buttons?

It’s always better to have options, rather than having none of them. After all, who doesn’t want to get more site traffic?

7. Create buyer personas

It’s easier to increase sales when you use an SEO strategy and create targeted content.

For each buyer persona you create, make a custom landing page filled with useful content like checklists, e-books, or whitepapers. You can also share articles from your blog.

Now you know 7 SEO strategies that you can use to increase your SaaS sales.

It’s time to try them yourself!

Feel free to comment on this article with your results.

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