Product/Market Fit

Determine Product/Market Fit

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Business is pretty simple.

We get paid to move people from a “Before” state to a desired “After” state.

In the “Before” state the customer is discontent in some way. They might be in pain, bored, frightened or unhappy for any number of other reasons.

In the “After” state — life is better. They are free of pain, entertained or unafraid of what previously plagued them.

The Before and After State

People don’t buy products or services… 

They buy outcomes. They buy access to the “After” state.

A great offer will genuinely move a customer to a desired “After” state…

… and great marketing simply articulates the move from the “Before” state to the desired “After” state.

Good marketing articulates the move from the Before state to the After state.

Most businesses that fail, particularly at start-up or when entering new markets, do so because either…

  • They fail to offer a desired “After” state (The offer is no good)
  • They fail to articulate the movement from “Before” to “After” (the marketing is no good)

Needless to say — getting clear on the desired outcome your offer delivers is fundamental to the success of your business.

Here’s how to get that clarity…

The 8-Question “Before/After” Grid

Before you create or market another offer — go through this exercise.

Ask yourself these 8 questions and complete the following worksheet so our team can craft the perfect marketing message for you: