The 4 Step Guest Blogging Strategy [Infographic]

Guest blogging is a big piece of an overall link building strategy.


In fact:


If implemented correctly, you can generate lots of targeted SEO and referral traffic. Plus you’ll explode your website’s authority and boost your clout in your space.


In this infographic, I’ll cover the 4 steps to a successful guest blogging campaign and step by step instructions on how to execute each step.


4 Steps To Guest Posting Success


Here’s my expanded strategy for each steps from this infographic:


Contrary to what Matt Cutts says about guest posting on his personal blog, I’ve gotten wildly successful results from guest posting on relevant authority blogs from industry leaders.


“So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy. In general I wouldn’t recommend accepting a guest blog post unless you are willing to vouch for someone personally or know them well. Likewise, I wouldn’t recommend relying on guest posting, guest blogging sites, or guest blogging SEO as a linkbuilding strategy.” – Matt Cutts


Of course Matt is talking about spammy guest posting strategies that publishes on low-traffic and  low-authority blogs.


I’ll show you some results that I’ve achieved while I explain the 4 crucial step to guest posting.


Danny Iny, from Firepole Marketing generated a 7 figure income by writing 80  guest post in one year.


Guest Posting sucess

Guest posting service can generate massive revenue for your business

Getting traffic is a huge benefit of guest posting, but it’s not the only benefit.


Here are some reasons that I believe you should begin a  guest posting service campaign:


Earning referral traffic and mailing list subscribers: For a new blog without an audience, guest posting is an amazing way for you to piggy back off the audience of authoritative blogs.


By writing several actionable guest post and sharing your  expertise with an engaging audience, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce you and your brand to them.


If you provide value, they will want to visit your website and join your mailing list in order to get more actionable articles from you.


For example, blogger Giles Thomas was able to get 408 subscribers from a single guest post. A great guest post can send continuous traffic to your website over time.


Check out what the guys at Groove was able to accomplish with their guest posting campaign.

Groove guest posting results

Brand Mentions: Guest posting is a great strategy to build brand awareness for your company. To me this is the most beneficial gains that you can achieve from guest posting.


This won’t happen overnight, but if you consistently publish articles over the course of 1 year, you can leverage your reputation to generate revenue just like Danny Iny.


Driving SEO traffic: Backlinks are still the #1 ranking signal for Google. However, getting a backlink in your author box is not as valuable as it used to be in the past.


Example author box
You need to get editorial links within the body of the article. That’s why our linked brand mentions technique works so well. Here’s an editorial link that I published on Hospitality Net. A link found contextually within a body of an article is a huge ranking factor.




Next, I’ll give you my incite from the infographic and break down step-by-step the process you’ll need to follow to execute a successful guest posting campaign.

How to drive targeted traffic, earn subscribers, and boost SEO ranking from guest blogs

A system is needed in order to scale a guest blog campaign that will produce results. Otherwise you’ll end up wasting time and giving up before you see any results.


Here’s my recommended steps:


Step 1: Identify high quality websites for your guest blog. If you don’t publish your articles on sites with good traffic targeted towards your buyer personas, then you won’t get the results that you are looking for.


Step 2: Get approved. Don’t let them say NO. I’ll show you exactly what to do to get the editors and site owners to beg you for your article.


Step 3: Produce epic content for your guest blog. I’ll show you how to frame your article to produce epic content that will activate social triggers.


Step 4: Do everything in your power to promote it. I’ll show you how to promote each guest post as if it was your own.

Step 1: Identify high quality websites for your guest blog post

Traffic is the #1 metric you should look at when deciding on a guest blogging post opportunity. The next metric you should look at is target audience.


Traffic doesn’t matter if the the people visiting your website isn’t interested in your brand or your service.


You need to find leading industry blogs that is niche specific and made up of your target audience. For us, that  includes sites similar to SocialNomics and TheSEMPost.


Let me show you how to find these sites.


Search Google using advanced search strings to find guest post blog opportunities

You simply search for “[your niche]” + “[a guest-posting search string]” to bring up topics.


Here are some search strings you could use:


  • “guest post”
  • “contributing writer”
  • “this is a guest post by”
  • “contribute to our site”
  • “guest posting guidelines”
  • “suggest a post”
  • “contributor guidelines”
  • “guest posts wanted”
  • “writers wanted”
  • “write for us”


For example, I could search for LINK BUILDING “write for us” to find blogs that accepts guest post blog about link building.



Link Building Write For Us


You can start adding these potential guest post blogs to a spreadsheet for outreaching later, which I’ll show you in the next step.


Once you’ve compiled a solid list of about 80 guest post blogs, it’s time to start trimming out low quality blogs. These blogs have little traffic and very low authority.


Check for comments and social shares of these guest posting sites

In your excel sheet, make a columns next to each guest posting sites with the heading “Comments”.


Now visit each guest posting sites to see what their average comment count is on each recent article. You want to find blogs that has an audience that is engaged. If you see at least 5 comments, then you can assess that it is a good target. Add it to your excel sheet.


Next, create another column in your excel sheet with the heading “Social shares”. Again, you can visit each blog to identify the number of shares each article received and add that data to your excel sheet.


Now, you need to eliminate any blogs with a low number of comments or social shares.


Check for Authority of each target blogs that accept guest post

The next metrics you want to look at is the authority of each blog. The higher the authority, the more link juice it would pass back to your website.


I generally accept blogs that has a minimum authority of 30.


To check the authority of each blog, you’ll need to visit You will need to register for a free trial to use it.


Scroll down to the footer of the AHREFS homepage and click on “Site Explorer”:


Site Explorer


Next, you’ll need to enter the domain for each blog into Ahrefs site explorer tool so it can grab all the domain metrics for you.



In a couple of seconds, Ahrefs will display the metrics below.

Domain Metrics


As you can see from the metrics above, Ahrefs pulls in the Domain Rating (Authority), social shares, and the estimated monthly organic traffic. This site has an authority of 51 so I will definitely keep it as an opportunity to outreach to.


You will want to check Ahrefs for each blog on your list. Update your excel sheet and move on.

Step 2: Get approved. Don’t let them say NO.

Now that you have a complete list of blogs that accept guest posting and meet all our conditions for a quality blog, it’s time to reach out to each one and convince them to give you an opportunity.


Remember that these are high quality blogs that are very authoritative and picky. So to give you a great chance, here are some steps to help you out.

#1: Follow their guest post guidelines completely

Industry leading blogs get dozens and dozens of blog guest posting requests everyday. To help them filter out the spammy crap, they generally publish strict guest post guidelines that sets an expectation.

Here’s an example of a guest writing guideline that you may come across:



Just make sure that your content follows it and you’ll have a great chance.

#2: Craft a personalized outreach email

For the best chance of success, you’ll need to personalize every blog guest post pitch that you send. Here is a template that’s given us great success over the years.


Subject: Contributing to [Site Name]

Hi [First Name],

I’m a huge [site name] fan. I especially enjoyed your take on [specific article + link to work].

I work with [company name] and we recently released a four-part series on [niche topic + link to work].

It was so popular with our readers that I wanted to touch base and see if [site name] would be interested in a similar series.

Is this something you’d be interested in?


[Your Name]


Obviously you won’t be successful getting your guest post accepted 100% of the time, but you can expect a fair amount of responses. It takes alot of work and planning up front, but that’s why it works.


Once they acknowledge your request for guest posting, the next step is to work with the editor or blog owner on a killer blogging for SEO idea.


I like to review their blog in detail to see what they’ve already published and come up with one or two ideas that includes an SEO headline and a 50-100 word description.


You can check out Buzzsumo for headline ideas to see which one generates the most social shares.



After a couple of seconds, BuzzSumo will display the top results:



Using those example headlines, you can craft something better that stands out. A great headline can make or break you so spend some time here. Also make sure it’s closely related to your blog in order to attract the right audience.


And with some hard work you’ll get emails similar to the one below:


Here’s an example of a successful email outreach that landed a guest blog posting service opportunity.



Step 3: Produce epic content for your guest blog posting service

So you’ve sent out a bunch of pitches, and you’ve successfully landed an opportunity to guest post — YES!!!


Now you need to deliver the best article that you can muster.


A great guest blog post should include most of the following:


  • make everything data-driven and actionable
  • create or buy custom images when possible
  • format the post for maximum readability
  • hire an editor/proofreader
  • provide the post in html to preserve formatting


Some of the best type of guest post are the Expanded list post. You take a simple list post and you expand each item with actionable tips and step by step. Just like the one you are reading now.


You should focus on posts that “show, don’t tell” – here’s what worked, how it worked, and why it worked, with an example for each point you make.


Next… Send your epic guest post content to the blog owner. And if successful, you’ll get an email similar to this:





But you’re not done yet.

Step 4: Do everything in your power to promote the business guest post.

You can expect some really good results just by completing the first 3 steps above.


To take that results to the next level you’ll need to promote the crap out of it with a strategic guest post SEO strategy.


By promoting your guest post, it will generate traffic which leads to more readers clicking on your link in your BIO and subscribing to your blog or downloading a lead magnet for lead nurturing.


Here are some promotional guest post SEO strategies that you can execute for each business guest post:


Strategy #1: Social Media Outreach. 

Find people that share similar content on Social Media and reach out to them letting them know that you’ve published a great guest post on the topic that they are interested in. You’ll get great response since they’ve shared similar topics before.


Here’s how to find them:


Use Buzzsumo to search for keyword around the topic of your guest post, and you’ll see whats been heavily shared. You can export the list of people that shared that content via Twitter,




Find their email using the strategy found here:


Then… Send them this sample script:


Subject: Quick question about SITE

Hi NAME, I noticed that you tweeted out one of my favorite TOPIC articles last week: TITLE.

It’s funny: I actually have an article on TOPIC.

Let me know if you want to see it 🙂

Cheers, NAME

Strategy #2: Forum Marketing.

There are forums on EVERY topic under the sun. Alot of them have thousands of active users.


Here’s how to find them on Google:


(keyword) forum
(keyword) + board
(keyword) + “powered by vbulletin”


Add any active forums that you find to your list.




Become an Active Member. Here are some pro tips.


  • Create an account w/o signature link
  • Post 20 high quality posts
  • Post 10 quickie posts


Then… Share your new guest post.


Afterwards… You need to hang out and start answering questions. Be helpful and you’ll get people to visit your new guest post daily.


Strategy #3: Find People that Are Interested in Your Topic.

The easiest way to do this is with a simple Google search.


For example, if your guest post was about gardening, you’d Google things like “gardening tips,” “backyard garden,” “gardening guide” etc.


You don’t need to be as picky. As long as they show SOME interest in your topic, you’re all set. Add people that might want to see your guest post to your list.


Next… Send them a permission email


This is a non-pushy email simply to gauge interest.


The other benefit of this email is that it starts the process of with a tiny, micro-commitment (unlike demanding that they share on social media).


Here’s the script:

Hi NAME, I was looking for some information on TOPIC today when I came across your post: TITLE.

Great stuff!

It’s funny: I actually just published an article on TOPIC last week. Let me know if you want to check it out.




And lastly, respond to each comment. By responding to each comment it enhance the quality of the post and keeps it fresh with user generated content. Also the blog owner or editor will appreciate you for it.




Guest posting is still the best strategy to leverage the popularity of industry leading blogs. Especially if your blog is fairly new.


You will get denied alot. Don’t get frustrated. Once you start getting consistent opportunities, your traffic and subscribers will explode. That’s how we helped one of our client increase their leads by 350%.


It will be slow at first, but over time you can expect results like this:



I would love to hear what strategies you’ve used for guest posting in the past. Please leave a comment below.



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