Law Firm Boost Organic Traffic By 145%

“We Legal, APC is our kind of client – great company, great people who truly want to help people. When you are passionate about your service, it’s a recipe for success that only needs a little marketing direction to really take off.

We Legal, APC helps residents in Southern California get out of debt and save their homes. We wanted to help We Legal, APC get the attention it deserve, because so many families depended on their services during the recession.

We are so happy with how things turned out. Keep on reading to see how we made it happen. More organic traffic and more qualified leads.”


We Legal, APC’s old website had great promise, but it was outdated. Inboundo’s site redesign aimed to highlight their great work and make it fully accessible via any device. We made it fully responsive.

140% Increase in Pages Per Visit

Rebuilding We Legal, APC’s site meant smoothing the sales journey from their homepage to their services pages, making it easier for visitors to continue on to learn more.

73% Increased Time On Page

Modern design principles lead to visitors hanging around each page much longer. The messaging was on point with who their buyer personas were.

75% Increased Load Speed

Getting rid of the bad clunky code, adding a minimal design plus an upgrade in server infrastructure saved several seconds on load time.


With INBOUNDO’s guidance, We Legal, APC began developing their inbound marketing program with a close relationship to their sales department. Sales funnel stages, metrics, and a method to properly measure those metrics was established in order to measure the effectiveness of inbound campaigns.

100+ Keywords on Page One

If you’re not first, you’re last—and first is exactly where more than a hundred of We Legal APC’s most lucrative keywords are hanging out on Google.

#1 Ranking For All Their Best Keywords

Page One is great, but Number One overall is better—and that’s where dozens of We Legal, APC’s most coveted keywords are sitting pretty.

1.5K Keywords in the Top 100

We Legal, APC is raking in the traffic and leads from today’s top rankings. We’re poised to gain even more as they continue to open more offices in adjacent cities.

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We Legal, APC

See how this law firm boost Organic Traffic By 145%.

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Our local SEO campaign has been a great success for us in Corona, Ca. We’ve increased our traffic with all our best keywords sitting in the #1 position on Google and Google Maps. We couldn’t do it without the guidance from INBOUNDO.

Emilia McAfee

Attorney, Owner, We Legal, APC

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