Inbound Marketing Case Study

See how we boosted Trumpia’s lead by 573% and lifted website sessions by  173%.

SaaS Lead Conversion Optimization

Trumpia hired INBOUNDO in May 2015 to promote their website. They were generating around 13,158 organic sessions and 193 qualified leads per month. They heard about the inbound marketing methodology and needed help from a team of inbound marketing experts to execute the campaigns.

By the end of the first year of executing our Inbound GamePlan, we helped them generate 36,000 organic sessions and 1300 qualified leads per month.

Project summary

Trumpia was gaining lots of traction with their SEO efforts. But they wanted to upgrade their marketing campaign to Inbound Marketing so they can have an engine that will automatically sift through all the top of funnel leads, nurture them, and qualify them for their sales team.

So they reached out to our team at INBOUNDO.

The Strategy

Before we can run any inbound campaign, we needed to identify the strategy.

  • Identify Their Audience
  • Identify Where Their Audience Lives Online
  • Identify Pains, Problems, Questions
  • Create a 90 Day Content Calendar
  • Create a Promotions Plan
  • Setup Marketing Automation

Proven Results

Within the first month, we saw their sessions jump to 18,271 and leads SKYROCKETED to 568 from 193 per month. We were able to maintain their traffic and their lead rate each month over the next 6 months. In January of 2016, we saw an uptick in sessions to 18,739 and leads jumped up to 679.

By the end of our 1 year anniversary, their sessions doubled to 36,000 and their lead rate to 1300.


Website Sessions


Lead Rate





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See how inbound marketing boost this SAAS business lead growth by 573%.


Boy did this team deliver. Their inbound marketing game plan helped us generate over 1300 leads for our sales team. We are about to hit our revenue goal of $12 million by end of this year.

Danny Chung

Marketing Manager, Trumpia

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