Attorney SEO Case Study: How we rank an Attorney #1 in 3 Weeks!

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As small business owners, we know that we have to capitalize on every means of lead generation possible. At the same time, we have to go about generating leads in the most effective way possible. This was the case for one of our early attorney SEO client, who while successful, wished to grow their practice by expanding their online presence.

I love when I get fast wins for a client.

We ranked one of our attorney for a VERY competitive keyword in three weeks!

Seeing our systematic approach create drastic results in real time is a great testament to its effectiveness.  

Before we get too much further, here’s what we’re talking about:


Ranked #1 for Corona Tax attorney


The POWER of the “Google’s Local 3-Pack”



As a small business, if you’re Optimizing your Website for a particular region (always recommended), your #1 priority should be, a place in the “Google’s Local 3-Pack”- as we like to call it.

As you can see, this image shows one of our clients in Corona, California, who came to us looking to increase their traffic. We decided to aim for the google maps top 3 and ended up in FIRST PLACE!

For the more tech savvy of us, the advantages of this position in the Search Engine Results are obvious and invaluable. A placement in the top 3 google maps results does three major things for your link:


-Makes it stand out among the first 10

-Lends credibility to your Brand

-Increases convenience

By standing out in the Google Map’s Top Three, it is assumed that your product delivers the greatest value of all search choices. Or else why would it be there, right? Of course, you cannot expect to maintain the position without delivering consistent value to clients, but the marketing you require after getting a lead is simplified, since value is assumed.

Being placed second only to sponsored Ads is a HUGE plus when it comes to credibility. At this phase of their exploration, clients have a specific need in mind, but are mostly using Peripheral Route Processing. Essentially, without paying too much attention, they are allowing their predispositions and mental filters to make decisions on what to pursue, based on cues.

Having a #1 rank in itself is a huge cue that most internet users go by. Having a #1 rank, in an image that sets your brand aside along with a couple of the “select few” multiplies that effect. Leading to more traffic.

Finally, it’s plain old convenient. People get a lot of the “necessary” information about their interaction with your company by looking. At the touch of a button, they have directions to your place and access to your website.  


OUR Client was SO EXCITED about their new traffic and so were we!


Whenever anyone in Corona is looking for a tax attorney, they’re in the #1 position! We also ranked them organically, just below the maps, so on two counts they have first page ranking.


You’re Probably wondering how we pulled this off. All in just 3 weeks. Well, here’s a quick rundown of everything we did.

Step 1: Claimed their Google Places

The absolute first step to getting your business listed in the “Google’s Local 3-Pack” is to claim and verify your local listing.


To do this, you must:

1. Create a Google+ account (or access yours, if you already have one)

2. Verify Your Business (can be done via Phone, Postcard, Bulk or even Instant Verification)

3. Once these steps are complete, you can edit your business information to suit.


Step 2: Secured local citations in various Sources

A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP). To be thorough, we first catalogued where all of their citations were currently published and checked for any discrepancies.


After this, we proceeded to reach out and have new citations published in a variety of sources.

Step 3: The Media Outreach Campaign (This is the rocket fuel to the flame)

This is the most critical part of the entire process. It also happens to be the most manpower intensive and fun step! Our team of outreachers contacted every chamber of commerce, every local business group, journalist, writer or blogger that published articles about law, finance, business etc. and arranged to have linked-brand mentions made on their relative forums or blogs.

Yes, the process is EXTREMELY thorough and EFFECTIVE!

Some of our other BIG keyword wins for them:




As you can see from the above case study, the driving force was our well executed linked brand mentions campaign. Everybody is going to Yelp, Yellowpages, Manta, and other popular citation sources. That’s easy!

We don’t do easy. Easy is too easy to duplicate.

We instead, went after high profile publications like,,,, and many others. Each editorial brand mention boosted our client’s domain and page authority; thereby skyrocketing them to the #1 position in Google.

What do you think of what I’ve covered here today. I would love to read your thoughts on it. If you and your team need help with planning and executing, please talk to us.


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10 replies on “Attorney SEO Case Study: How we rank an Attorney #1 in 3 Weeks!

    • Sophorn Chhay

      Hi Carissa, thanks for reading. The first thing you need to do is search Google for industry leading blogs in your industry. Make a list of the ones you found using excel or Google sheets. You want to collect the blog URL, name, email address, and notes. Afterwards, you can outreach to each one to pitch them your topic ideas that you believe would be interesting to their readers.

  • Pewi Yanuh

    Hey Sophorn. Thanks for the article. Attorney marketing is so competitive. Especially in bigger cities. Will this local link building strategy work for bigger cities?

    • Sophorn Chhay

      Hi Pewi. Thanks for reading. Yes, I do agree that it’s more competitive in bigger cities, but the marketing strategy will scale to those cities as well. It just takes about 3-6 months to find traction. The key is to stay consistent.


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