Influencer Marketing Case Study: How An E-commerce Startup Generated $70,838.92 in revenue in ONLY 6 months!!!

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In the society that we live in today, especially the online world, classical marketing has become difficult to implement effectively, if not impossible to see returns on. People have been exposed to advertisements so many times that they simply ignore them.  More and more people are switching to ad-free tv or using ad-block on their computers, for the simple reason that they’re fed up with being sold to.  

Considering this, how is it that certain E-Commerce stores can generate LUDICRIOUS revenue in short periods of time? Well, most people would tell you that the secret to Ecommerce success, is to “create a blog and publish great content. I.e. Content marketing.

So does this strategy REALLY WORK?


Well…to be quite honest…




But, Content Marketing has become fairly common place. So, to some extent, the playing field has been levelled. That being said, instead of simply creating excellent content and posting it on a blog, you must now take proactive steps to PROMOTE said blog by sharing it with influential individuals in your space.  We call that Influencer Marketing!



I’ll always be the first one to tell you that awesome blog content makes a HUGE impact. In fact, I can draw a direct line between the effort I put into my content and tens of thousands of UNIQUE visitors.  

The thing is, content without a promotional strategy, just won’t cut it anymore. So, in today’s guide, I’m going to give you a look into our vault of strategies and reveal the ONE puzzle piece that you might be missing.

Follow as I detail, how I helped this E-commerce startup generate $70,838.92 in 6 months with a LOW marketing budget.



Okay, to start us off, I’m going to give you a look at the complete picture, then show you the steps we took to get there.

Have a look at this Google analytics chart:


As you can see, their traffic grows wildly over all channels. Their social media and direct traffic generated the majority of their sales, while organic sales came in a far off third.


So, now that you’ve got the whole picture. Let’s look at how we pulled it off.


A Guide to Your Own Influencer Marketing Campaign

Our strategy for this particular client, focused on generating an Influencer Marketing Campaign. This campaign, went on to generate 704K views, 6350 social shares and 1346 comments that made a whopping $32,960.26 in revenue. As always, the basis of Content Marketing, is content. So we elected to create a humorous post, showing how picky people can be about their Air Jordans. We also reached out to every social media Influencers who tend to share similar posts and BOOM!

Viral Video.

Here are the steps.


STEP #1: Identify Your Influencers

This is probably the BIGGEST traffic tip you’ll get this year.

Influencers are people who have large, definite and active social followings. Meaning, that their following is built around a particular commonality. Memes, Shoes, Sports, Body building are all examples of these common followings.

You must market your content through influencers for one major reason:

You want their audience, to share your content.

If their audience, does not share your content, you won’t get additional traffic to your site.

Picture it like this: When your favorite YouTuber asks at the end of his video to “hit that like button” you are FAR more inclined to like the video, than if you weren’t reminded to.

This phenomenon is based on a principle known as Reciprocity. Which describes our tendency as humans to do things for people we like. Especially when they have just done something for us (made us laugh, cry etc.)

Influencers are excellent at employing this principle, whether they are aware of it or not.


STEP #2: Find Out What Your Influencers Care About

After you’ve identified the Influencers in your space, you’ve got to figure out what they care about. This part is integral, especially since it ensures a mutual benefit.

You see, most Influencers are very dedicated to their following and prefer to maintain a level of integrity with them. Therefore, it’s fairly seldom that they’d share something that was obviously out of sorts or “salesy” without it offering some kind of direct value to their following.

Finding out what Your influencers care about, helps you to create content that would appeal to Influencer and Following alike. Delivering Value to both!


Step #3: Create Your content.

Once you have your Influencer and an understanding of what they care about, you can create content around that topic.


Just like we did:



STEP #4: Reaching Out to The Influencer (The Secret Sauce)

One aspect of networking and influencer marketing that many people struggle with, is building relationships with influencers. It’s probably the most difficult part of the process and requires some tact and experience to navigate carefully.

We can help with this!


6 Keys To Inbound Marketing Strategy

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  • Martina

    I would like to add here, as an additional tip to the awesome article, that maybe the biggest challenge for our team still hitting the right balance between outreaching and relationship building. That is why the best results come when one can integrate both skills of a skillful relationship builder and of a writer.

    • Sophorn Chhay

      Hi Martina. Thanks for sharing. I agree that to find success you need to be good at building authentic relationships with key influencers in your space.

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    That is one great collection, Sophorn. For someone like me who’s trying to get started with influencer marketing, the post from you looks like a goldmine.

    I so appreciate you for adding that up in the post.

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    Email marketing is a good platform for business promotion. Through email marketing you can promote your product. This is good post for business.


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