SEO Strategy: Kick Ass In The Brave New World Of SEO


SEO StrategyIf you’ve been following along with our SEO strategy series – and you are, right? – then you’ve likely already read through our last blog detailing the 4 Deadly Mistakes That Will Crush Your Google Ranking, but just in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap:

  • Pushing Quantity Over Quality
  • Focusing on Keywords Instead of Content
  • Losing the Link-Building Game
  • Confusing On-Page SEO With Success

So, if those are the four major no-nos of SEO, what in the world should you be doing?

We’ve entered the beginning stages of a brave new SEO world. The landscape is vaguely familiar, but so much has changed, too.

Here’s how you can begin building a winning SEO strategy that’s both efficient and effective:

SEO Marketing, Grassroots-Style

In many ways, creating content is like raising a child. You can spend all your time, love, and energy creating something fantastic and preparing it to head out into the world, but once a blog has been released (read: posted on your social media sites, distributed via your email list, etc.), it eventually has to start living on its own. This is generally the point at which people realize that effective search engine optimization takes a village.

For word of mouth to work, you have to give the world something worth talking about. Create content your audience wants to see and that they’d be proud to pass along. Inspire, motivate, enrage, amuse, inspire, confuse, and excite your way to more links, which will in turn increase your SEO optimization.

If you’ve ever seen a piece of viral content then you already know – the power of the people really is something special.

The “Great Content” Lie

Are you creating great content? How do you even know?

We like to talk about “great content” like it’s the gold medal of the marketing Olympics. The truth is, the top prize isn’t the content itself but the reaction it gets. The problem is that every minute:

  • Facebook users send out some 2.5 million posts
  • Twitter users post almost 300,000 tweets
  • 220,000 photos hit Instagram
  • A whopping 72 hours’ worth of new video content is posted on YouTube
  • People send more than 200 million emails

And that doesn’t include LinkedIn, mass SMS messaging, app downloads, and so on.

The point? Your audience, whoever they are, is already inundated with information, and while “great content” is an essential part of any effective search engine optimization strategy, it’s not the only piece of the puzzle.

How are you going to stand out?

What you need is a formula for content creation that generates interesting content as well as backlinks, social shares, and website traffic. You need the triggers that create all the emotions we talked about above. You need the keys to the content sharing kingdom.

That’s how you create “great content.” That’s SEO marketing at its finest.

Promoting Progress

In our last blog on SEO mistakes, we talked about the danger inherent in the “if you build it, the links will come” approach to SEO optimization. Those kind of passive SEO techniques will get you exactly nowhere.

If you want to progress, you have to promote.

Once you’ve created that “great content” we talked about above and built in the audience-friendly emotional triggers necessary to inspire organic shares, your strategy needs two more things: a not-so-gentle push and momentum.

Toot your own horn. Be proud of what you’ve created. Believe in your brand like Cleveland believed in the Cavaliers. Talk up your content so other people will talk it up, too.

Of course, there’s more to setting off a chain reaction than just blind faith. Only 42 percent of B2B marketers think they’re effective at content marketing. That means 58 percent of marketers know they need help – and at least a few marketers in the 42 percent probably need a little assistance, too.

They – and you –  need tools, a blueprint, and a plan that provides both strength and flexibility. All the search engine optimization tips in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use them properly and if you don’t have a smart plan to integrate them into.

Energizing Your SEO – Provoke and Propel

What if you could ignite your SEO optimization and really turn the volume up? What if you could go from generating a backlink here and there to seeing backlinks come practically pouring in while you sleep? What if you could scale quickly while still maintaining the quality of your link network and staying true to your audience?

You can. With the SEO marketing tips you’re about to learn, you really and truly can.

There is a big difference between pouring lighter fluid on a bonfire and steadily feeding coal into the Little Engine That Could. When you learn the SEO techniques that energize your SEO in a measured, premeditated, deliberate way, you experience growth that also has staying power.

You get to the top, but you arrive not gasping for breath and running on fumes but rather on the back of a loyal audience that supports you because they actually like you and a network of backlinks that actually make sense to both your audience and your brand.

It’s quality input for quality output. And it works.


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