Online Lead Generation for B2C Companies

The world of online lead generation has changed.  If we look at what the bigger companies are doing, it is no longer about hitting consumers with the hard sell but building rapport and making them to want to find you.  Once they make contact, the ball is then in your court and you need to build on and nurture the relationship between you so that they don’t want to go elsewhere, enabling you to generate leads.

Let’s take a look at how you can do this if you are a B2C company looking to build your business and produce leads online:

Content marketing – Every business needs leads and by taking the time to get your content spot-on, interesting and relevant, your target audience will be attracted and engaged.  It needs to be valuable and powerful enough to encourage them to visit your website, provide contact information and hopefully save your site to their ‘favorites’ tab.  This is the first step on the ladder towards building a relationship between the two of you. Remember the quote, “If you build it, he will come”?  Well the same applies to content – if you make it relevant and appropriate, your customers will follow.   And this doesn’t only apply to blogs – whilst blogs work well, you can also create content via free e-books to be downloaded, videos, podcasts and the very popular social media posts.  Don’t limit yourself; use them all. And when it comes to social sharing, encourage it, letting your content do all of the hard work for you.

Take the time to define your target audience demographics (maybe create your own customer avatar).  Look at what they value, what they are looking for in terms of information, what inspires them and where they spend most of their time looking at.  If you focus on creating interest and relationships rather than selling, your audience will come to you.

Company B2C website – Every B2C company needs a website and from it, plenty of web leads.  This is a vital lead generation tool and if your website is created correctly and professionally, it will work hard for you.  When you post content online, make sure it directs people to your site. Your SEO strategies need to be taken care of effectively with traffic coming from organic or paid searches.  If you have a web designer in Birmingham building or revamping your site, they will ensure that it does all of the following and generating leads online:

  • Ranks well in SEO results, pushing traffic in your direction
  • Grabs attention as soon as visitors hit the landing page
  • Has contact forms that are simply and easy to complete
  • Contains valuable downloads, blogs or other such content
  • Engages with great visuals
  • Provides a top source of information
  • Has calls to action that really engage and persuade viewers to click on buttons

On top of all of this, your company website needs to be incredibly appealing and easy to navigate.  Your landing pages should connect with viewers very quickly and be for a specific purpose. They should never be over-complicated and should always show your logo and company name. Showing Privacy Policies on your website will also help to create an air of trust and security.

Social Media Marketing – Don’t make the mistake of trying to use social media to promote your products/services; you must only use it to tell stories, create trust and interest and encourage the creation of relationships.  My making your content highly shareable, readers will love it, particularly if it is funny, inspirational or gives them some sort of value. Your website designer can add Google Analytics to your site so that you can see how popular your posts are and how much traffic they are generating in term of real leads.  You will also receive details about your lead conversion rates.

Google Lead Services – If you are thinking of hiring a professional company to look after your B2C lead generation via paid or organic Google searches, don’t fall into the trap of signing up for ‘Google Lead Services’.  The site that you will land on has nothing to do with Google and is crammed with ads. If you do decide to sign up using PayPal, you will receive nothing more than a few banner ads on websites that are completely unknown.  If you are looking for real bona fide lead generation services from reputable online lead generation companies, use one that you know and trust and who comes with recommendations and testimonials. They will also be able to provide you with some lead generation website examples.

So as you can see, generating leads online for your B2C company is not difficult but you do need to provide high quality content and make sure that your website and online lead production is taken care of by experts who know what they are doing.

That way, you should receive only good quality leads, enabling you to grow your B2C company in a safe and reliable way.


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