SAAS Marketing Case Study: Boost Your Lead Conversion by 350% With Inbound Marketing!!!

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This is what happens when you try to game Google…

In the third quarter of 2011, one of our SAAS client hired an “agency” to handle all of their SEO efforts. They were relatively new to SEO, and advertising budgets were tight, so they took the chance. Within 6 months, the traffic they received from non-paid search doubled and things started looking up.

Then on April 24th, 2012, Google dropped a bombshell…

The Penguin update was released and any websites that had been using Black Hat WebSpam, were Penalized, since this was detrimental to users. Their site was hit with a penalty and ranking PLUMMETED overnight. In fact, it dropped until it was lower than it was before hiring their “agency”.

Needless to say, they FIRED their SEO agency soon after.

A year and a half would pass, with them bouncing from one agency to the other, in an attempt to restore their traffic to where it once was. No one was able to fully rectify their situation.


In 2014, they hired an in-house SEO specialist to clean up their mess. He came highly recommended by a few startups that he had worked with and had proven results. He was able to remove and disavow all of the dodgy links and brought the site back into Google’s good graces. Their ranking began to pick back up and slowly, their traffic increased.

A few months later however, the trickle hadn’t improved a hair. It was still just a trickle, not enough to not feel thirsty, but just enough to not die of thirst- Metaphorically speaking of course. Their in-house SEO specialist had done everything he could and used every trick, but nothing helped move the traffic by more than 1 or 2%.

At this point they realized that they needed a different kind of help. So they began searching for people to help them promote the content on their website. They finally found me in May 2015 (before INBOUNDO existed) after a string of poor results from other agencies.

In the first few minutes of our first meeting, I could already see where the majority of their difficult was coming from.

Their SEO team (more than one person at this point), didn’t have expertise in actual site promotion. They could optimize the efficiency of the website for Google’s search engine algorithm, but didn’t know the first thing about executing a link building strategy. In a world where EVERYONE is SEO optimized, no one is SEO optimized.

[box] In a world where EVERYONE is SEO optimized, no one is SEO optimized. Click To Tweet[/box]

Optimization simply gets you into the game… as it did with them. Their site was in Google’s good graces, and getting traffic, but there was no profitability and little conversion.

That’s where I came in.

I reviewed their linkable assets and came up with a link building strategy that drove traffic, boosted organic ranking and converted traffic into leads.

What’s the Secret Sauce?

I’m about to show you what can happen for YOUR site, by executing a well thought out, dynamic inbound marketing GamePlan.

I know…that was a mouthful, but there is truly no better way to describe the INBOUNDO approach.

Here are the campaign results from May 2015, to February 2016.

Inbound Marketing Report

At the start of the campaign, my client’s website was getting 13,158 non-paid sessions and 193 leads per month.

Within the first month, we saw their sessions jump to 18,271 and leads SKYROCKETED to 568. We were able to maintain their traffic and their lead rate each month over the next 6 months. In January of 2016, we saw an uptick in sessions to 18,739 and leads jumped up to 679.

We’re looking forward to seeing their campaign progress over the next 6 months. Our goal is to double their sessions to 36,000 and their lead rate to 1300.

“Okay Sophorn, I see the results…BUT GIMME THE SAUUUCEEE MAN!”

Alright, here are the steps:

Step #1: I assessed their unique situation.
Step #2: I built out a buyer persona for each of their most ideal customer.
Step #3: I configured their marketing automation system to help their buyer personas self educate themselves.
Step #4: I created a content road-map that aligns with each of their downloadable content offerings (ie. lead magnets)
Step #5: I executed the inbound marketing campaign one deliverable and one task at a time.

Then comes the content promotion. We all know that creating content for the sake of creating content will get us nowhere.

Next, I established a guest blogging campaign, targeting every marketing blog that had an audience and referral traffic opportunity that fit their buyer personas.

We successfully published our articles on the following blogs (this is just 6 of the 700 that we’ve published so far):

These authoritative blogs drove 100% relevant traffic and potential customers to my client’s website.

While the guest blogging campaign started to ramp up, I launched an influencer outreach campaign targeting writers and journalist.

The campaign was very successful, we were able to get our client’s brand mentioned on Mashable, Huffington Post, Life Hack, BuzzFeed, Engadget and Medium.

Here is the Mashable article that was published:

Our link building and influencer outreach campaign drove A TON of TARGETED referrals and leads for them.

Here is the referral report:


As you can see from the report, the traffic didn’t increase too much, but the QUALITY of traffic allowed us to convert each traffic to leads at a higher percentage. By targeting, highly relevant, educated clients and lending credibility and authority to their site via brand mentions, we made their visitors FAR more likely to purchase, once on the site.

Their lead rate jumped from 10 per month to 51 within the first month. We ended February 2016 at 110 leads. That is a whopping 1000% increase in monthly referral leads. All through guest blogging, influencer outreach, and brand mentions on publications like Mashable, Huffington Post, and Life Hack.

Here is a closer look at where the referrals came from:


As you can see, link building is not about building lots of links. We only built about 230 links over the last 6 months. It’s about driving relevant traffic from each link source that aligns with our client’s KPI.

They wanted to increase their lead rate so that their sales team can convert them to paying customers. How did we accomplish that?

Here’s a recap:

  1. Situational assessment
  2. Understanding their target customers
  3. Setup marketing automation
  4. Create a content roadmap
  5. Execute the inbound marketing campaign
  6. Identify targeted websites that have an audience who fit their buyer persona
    – I built relationships with each target blog
    – Then I reached out to each blogger to see if I can contribute a well-researched article (savvy bloggers, won’t let you link, if the content doesn’t benefit their readers.)
  7. After the article is published, I spend the next week promoting it.
    – We share it with our client’s Social communities to drive visitors and social shares
    – We published in in our client’s email newsletter
    – Through our relationships with influencers, we shared it with them through email
  8. Next, I launched the Influencer outreach campaign
    – I searched for writers who published on Mashable, Huff Post, etc.
    – Then I connected with them on Linkedin
    – I sent them a message asking for advice to start the conversation
    – Then I pitch them a story idea
  9. We test, rinse, and repeat!

These are only TWO of the content marketing strategies that I executed for our client that generated massive amounts of traffic and a huge 350% boost in leads for their sales team.

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